Midwifery Care - Home Birth - Water Birth - Well Woman Care 

I offer in-home appointments in san luis obispo county

Your Healthy Pregnancy

 Prenatal Mom and Baby health care

Prenatal Care

Our visits

I offer prenatal care to women having healthy, low-risk pregnancies. This means that our focus at every prenatal visit is to assess the health of you and your baby. At each appointment we will use exercise, nutrition and supplements, body sensations and emotional status to assess your health. We will check your vitals and use medical screening methods, such as blood draws and urinalysis, to monitor your health. Lastly, we will spend time with our hands on your belly to hear, feel and connect with your baby.  Our longer appointments give us time to build trust and respect for each other. Your hour with me will feel like a safe space to discuss emotions, relationships and hopes about motherhood. Using the information we uncover in your visit, I will recommend remedies to help you enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy. I offer the following medical services to keep you and your baby healthy throughout pregnancy:  Blood draw.  Urinalysis. Genetic screening. Group B Strep swab. Glucose Tolerance Test. Ultrasound. Consult with an Obstetrician.  

 water birth home birth of a healthy newborn baby and family

Labor + Birth

Baby's arrival

Your birth is your experience, supported by me.  I attend all home births with either another midwife, an assist or an apprentice midwife.  Having a second set of skilled hands allows me to give both mom and baby the care they need once baby arrives.  The heart of my support at your birth is to empower you, support physiologic birth and keep you and your family safe using evidence based practices.  A physiologic birth is one that allows the innate abilities of mom and baby to work together through labor and birth.  In other words, your body was built to bring life into this world.  It is my job to support this process with minimal interventions, but with the correct natural and medical interventions when indicated. Working together in this way - combining modern medicine with the ancient art of midwifery - results in a safe and empowered birth experience.  

The medical equipment I bring to every birth includes: Oxygen. Resuscitation equipment. Anti-hemorrhagic agents. IV fluids + antibiotics. Suture materials. Vitamin K. Erythromycin.  

 postpartum home visit with midwife.  Well-baby newborn assessment and care. 

Postpartum Care

supporting mom and baby health

My postpartum care begins immediately after birth and extends through six weeks postpartum.  My schedule of care varies based on your needs.  The standard schedule is to meet at 24 hours, 72 hours, one week, three weeks and six weeks postpartum.  During this time I'm also available to you via phone and text to answer your questions, offer you support and continue to monitor your health.  Our goals are to ease you into motherhood and make this transition period comfortable for all members of your growing family. 

I provide Rhogam for Rh negative families.


Your Life-Long Health

 Well-Woman and personal health consultation.  Pap smear, hormone balancing, lab work, sexual health, diet and nutrition assessment. 

Well-Woman Care

Maintaining your healthy life

Most women don't realize that they can use the expert and gentle care of a midwife for their well-woman health.  I offer the same well-woman care as a gynecologist, but in a relaxed and safe environment.  During an appointment we spend the majority of our hour discussing your health history and goals, your hormones, your concerns and your questions.  Next we will assess your vitals, your female health via internal and external exams, and draw blood for lab tests.  After the assessments we will create an action plan to help you on your path to life-long health. This might include diet changes, herbs and supplements, lifestyle modifications and follow-up visits.  When I care for a woman or young lady, my intention is to be her guide and go-to expert for anything connected to her female health.  If a woman doesn't feel comfortable with her provider she won't reach out when she needs help.  So it is my job to make women feel comfortable, heard and safe while providing them the highest level of well-woman health care that midwifery offers. I offer you excellent care and an ally in your quest for life-long health.