Newborn Baby and Midwife Post-Partum Care

WHY i am A midwife

I am a Licensed Midwife and Certified Professional Midwife serving San Luis Obispo County.  I've chosen to specialize in midwifery so that I can provide high quality maternity and health care to women and their families.  The care I offer is evidence based, individualized and collaborative.  I understand that we are all individuals with unique needs for our health.  We want to live healthy lives so we choose food, supplements, activities and relationships that add to our well-being.  I believe that the health care a woman receives throughout her life, including during pregnancy and birth, should also add to her well-being.  I hope to help you achieve your best birth and be your ally in your quest for optimal health!

My Background

I found my way into midwifery during a major transition in my life.  At the time I was feeling unfulfilled after years of work in advertising and was ready for a career change.  I knew that I needed to find a field of work that would make use of my passions.

Around this time I found myself surrounded by pregnant women in all areas of my life.  I found myself in conversations about the experience of pregnancy, labor and birth, and I discovered that I had an innate understanding of these subjects.   So naturally, when my dear friend asked that I attend her birth, I jumped at the chance.  I'm forever grateful to Margaret for opening the door to my new life as a midwife!  Within a few months after her birth, I was registered at National Midwifery Institute, and shortly thereafter earned my certification as a doula as a way to attend births throughout midwifery school.  As a student I apprenticed under multiple midwives in the Bay Area including the legendary Faith Gibson, and when we moved our family to San Luis Obispo, I continued to precept under two amazing midwives, Megan Bochum and Tiffany Dietrich.  

One of the many things that my preceptors taught me is the importance of staying current with medical research and midwifery practices.  I am intrigued by every aspect of pregnancy, birth and women's health, so it is a joy to read the studies and attend the training necessary to stay educated on current practices.  I am committed to offering midwifery care that is supported by current medical research.  I will continue to maintain up-to-date training and practice guidelines in order to keep the women and families in my care safe and healthy.  

I have a special place in my heart for offering well-woman care.  I know first hand the nerves and anxiety that we feel for days before our well-woman visits.  My goal is to ease those fears with gentle and personal care.  I believe that starting our young girls in midwifery care with their very first well-woman visit is one of the best gifts we can give them.  It offers them a relationship with a health care provider where they're encouraged to understand their bodies, develop pride in their femininty, learn to participate in their health care and ask questions.  My experience is that women of all ages feel empowered and safe when they trust a midwife with their well-woman health care. 

My calling to offer midwifery care is such a tremendous honor and responsibility! I would be happy to share my passion with you and discuss how I can support you, your unique health needs, and your growing family.  Please reach out!  You can connect with me on the Contact Me page.