Rebecca, John + baby Reagan

Mary is a combination of youthful energy and old-soul wisdom.  It is a wonderful combination.  She’s one of those people you feel honored to have in your life and at your side during one of the most intimate experiences of your life.  I felt safe in her hands, and her attention to detail allowed me to relax and focus on my job of laboring.  In fact she remembered many little things that we never would have thought of that made the birth of our second daughter memorable.  She knew what I wanted and was there every step of the way.

Dee, Benjamin + baby Henry

Mary was my rock both physically and mentally.  She has so much knowledge and love to share, and a great sense of humor that kept me laughing!  She was also a huge support to Ben, allowing him to be more involved in my pregnancy, labor and birth than he would otherwise have been.  I really felt supported by my team to get through the many curve balls that labor thew me.  My two day labor was challenging and unexpected as a third time mom, but Mary was there the whole time rooting for me and coaching us towards the home birth we wanted. 


This being my first pregnancy, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hire a doula.  Luckily, a friend had recently gone through midwifery school with Mary and suggested her saying, “you two will totally click”.  So I immediately emailed Mary to get the ball rolling.  As soon as we sat down to meet Mary I knew I had found someone that I would trust implicitly to guide me through one of the most important experiences I will ever have.  She was thorough in explaining what to expect from her before, during and after delivery.  When she came to my house for the prenatal appointments, she taught me breathing and labor techniques in her incredibly calm energy that put me at ease (I tend to be anxious!) and her great sense of humor made me feel like I had known her for years.  During my labor, having her there to literally hold me up as I went through contractions made me feel cared for.  She looked me in the eyes through contractions while encouraging me and made me feel like I wasn’t going completely nuts.  When the pain got to be too much, she knew the comfort measures and pressure points to use to relieve the pain.  She was continuously reassuring, calming and grounding through the entire labor process and she seemed to know what I needed before I even knew I needed it.  After the birth, my husband said that we would not be having any more children unless Mary is available to be in the trenches with us, to which I whole-heartedly agreed.  I don’t feel that I have adequately expressed my gratitude and faith in her abilities, but I have already recommended her to all of my pregnant friends.  Mary has found her calling helping women in birth, and hiring her was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. 

Rose, Arman + baby Sophia

I could not have gone through the experience of a home birth without you by my side.  When I felt drained, you laid beside me, lifted my spirits and stroked my hair, telling me that I was stronger than I imagined.  You stayed beside me the whole time and helped me accomplish something wonderful. Looking back on Sophia’s birth, I feel accomplished and grateful that I never gave up.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be pregnant again, but if I am, I know you will be there. Thank you for being part of my birth story. Love you.

Tyra, Chad + baby Piper

Mary is smart, kind, encouraging and professional.  She was a huge support to both my husband and me and I was completely confident in her care.  Like many births, ours did not go as planned and having her there with us throughout it was a blessing. 

Bethy, Matt + baby evie

Mary was instrumental in my pregnancy and birth process of our first child.  She was emotionally supportive to both my husband and I.  She was prepared for all things on and off my birth plan, because, as you would guess, nothing went as planned!  But it didn’t matter because I had the best possbile support I could imagine in her and I felt safe, confident and cared for.  It was reassuring having her there.  She thought of things I would never have thought of and was a walking encyclopedia through the pregnancy process, birth and after birth stages.  It was invaluable to just be able to focus on what was most important to me, which was bringing my baby into the world and bonding with my new daughter.  Mary took care of the details and was exactly what I needed and wanted throughout the process.  I can assure you, you will not regret having her be part of one of the most important moments in your life!


I can not recommend Mary highly enough!  I’m convinced that her presence at my son’s birth was what kept me sane as I labored.  Her calming, loving and grounding presence was exactly what I needed and I could feel her strength when I felt weak.  By the way, she has amazing strength!  Her hip squeezes are what made late labor manageable. Mary’s emotional and  physical strength, her gentle birth presence and her hands-on love throughout my pregnancy and birth were exactly what I needed. 


Mary was part of my home birth team and her presence at my son’s birth was so important.  Her reassuring words and gentle strength made me feel physically and emotionally supported.  I recommend that every woman treat themselves to Mary’s services!